There’s Gold In Them There Blobs!

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TL;DR: Apple iCLoud Notes are GZIP’d when stored and this script will decompress them for you.


To set the stage for this post and overall blog, I recently took the SANS advanced smartphone forensics course, FOR585. It was a great opportunity and this flip-phone using Luddite took away a ton of good information. One takeaway was a desire to contribute more to the forensic community and publishing code that I use myself which would benefit others, hence this blog. Another takeaway was that iCloud Notes needs to be better understood, hence this post.

Apple Notes

Apple Notes itself appears to be decently parsed by the major tools so I won’t spend much time on it. The relevant SQLite database (notes.sqlite) stores data fairly simply. Even without any tools beyond hexdump, you can clearly find test notes saved in the database. The below image shows a note containing the text “I moved this note.”

iCloud Notes

iCloud Notes, on the other hand, is not parsed nicely (yet) by anything but Cellebrite’s Physical Analyzer. This is likely because the messages are not stored in plain text. For example, the same note above, when moved to iCloud Notes, looks like this:

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