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TL;DR: If you find this research or my code useful, you may want to consider supporting my work to enable more of it.

Github Sponsors

After thinking about it for a while, I signed up for Github Sponsors in hopes of offsetting the costs of my research and let me realize a few plans by incentivizing more serious work. Most of my public contributions are from evenings and weekends as a hobby, and all of my home lab equipment used for forensic research is purchased on my own dime. I have had dreams of expanding what I do for many years, but finding the time to set aside to be more systematic and the money to keep a representative stable of devices for forensics research have so far ruled them out.

I joined Github sponsors partly to validate that the code I am producing is seen as meaningful (and I am not just chasing things which I think might be useful only to find that they are not) and partly to set goals such that I can have a better time bounded horizon for realization. For example, the current goal on Github is just 10 sponsors, which would be a total of $10 per month. While that is a small amount, it would be enough to cover the AWS costs I anticipate I would like to run from a server-based solution I have been contemplating. Reaching that goal would be a catalyst to build that solution and know that others would likely find it useful.

If you find my code useful, or you would like to enable more research on a broader range of (primarily Apple) devices, please consider letting me know and sponsoring it.