Ciofeca (cio-fè-ca): An Italian word for low-quality coffee, such as the first few espresso shots after the espresso bar is started on Monday morning.

Computers and technology have fascinated me from a very young age and forensics have been a part of that since before I even knew what it was. I grew up building computers from spare parts salvaged from thrift stores, garage sales, and dumpster dives and quite often learned what to do by doing the wrong thing. That would inevitably lead to needing to know how to rebuild a disk’s partition, recover files that shouldn’t have been deleted, or figure out what extra goodies a thrift store hard drive came with.

Fast forward a number of years and forensics became part of a larger bucket of random hobbies and odd jobs. Like the first few shots from that espresso bar on Monday, the solutions I develop may be a bit rough. But just like that espresso, they’re all designed to give someone the energy to start and finish the job. Hence, “Monday morning solutions.”

And, yes, ciofeca is meant to be very tongue-in-cheek.